Values trainings

A series of soft-skills training courses as a tool for self-development

• Self-paced learning for better understanding of the values of the client
• Face-to-face trainings transformed into a digital, engaging content
• A final report based on the information the user has entered during the course

Prewise has developed five e-learning courses covering the fundamental values of the client. While collaborating with the client we suggested the approach based on client`s material and did all the technical work including designs, voice-over, synchronization, animation and SCORM implementation into client`s learning management system. The main challenge for successfully implementing this project was to transform face-to-face trainings into a digital content not losing interactivity and engagement, individual background and learning pace. Result of all this – five learning platforms for self-training with tasks, questions and additional material about employee’s everyday work environment. All the information entered during the course was collected and submitted into a report that could be used as a guide for self-development later.

Bank – Robbery

Game-based training teaching bank employees how to act during robbery

Game-based training teaching bank employees how to act during robbery.
• Introductionary training on all the necessary security requirements during the robbery
• Interactive & emotional
• Followed by the adaptation & implementation to the entire banking sector
Bank wanted to train its employees in a fresh and different kind of way when handling chaotic situation during robbery. Our e-learning appealed to staff motivation through interactive emotional training. All the work, starting from the development of an idea, ending with technical implementation, was done by Prewise. Positive feedback lead this project adaptation and implementation for the entire banking sector in Lithuania.

Bank – AML Academy trainings

A series of e-learnings teaching bank employees to recognize and deal with money laundering, terrorist financing and other risks that may be posed on financial institution

• Based on the policies and regulations of international economic and financial institutions, conventions and directives (FATF, OECD, GRECO, EITI, OSCE, Transparency International, UNCAC, EU 4th directive etc.)
• Very high standards for content in terms of both verbal and visual material
• Presenting the material in most clear and straightforward manner, so no interpretations could rise
• Complex learning material presented using creative solutions to make it easier to comprehend
• Customized tasks after each chapter to help strengthen the knowledge

Even though the content we produce is always vibrant & innovative, when working with complex material we do our best to keep it straightforward as well. This way we leave no space for wrong interpretations and provide the learner only with the necessary information to cope with. When working with the Bank we managed to present all the strict, partly-confidential material in a manner that is creative, yet clear & simple to understand. This way we have developed a series of projects about money laundering, terrorist financing and other risks. Trainings are based on the policies and regulations of international economic and financial institutions, conventions and directives.

Bank – Financial guarantees

Situation based e-learning course to boost sales

Training type:

  • An interactive training course presenting bank guarantees as a product of sales.
  • Developed in order to raise the understanding customers needs and sales arguments
  • All the learning material was represented through the scenarios, prepared & implemented by Prewise

The topics of the course are bank’s financial guarantees. Made for sales people, to better understand customer needs and sales arguments. The product type interactive e-learning course made for one of the most difficult to sales people product – bank guarantees. Te e-learning material is strong orientated in bank’s customer needs and demands. This is one of the financial services related courses made in the banking, where learning material is represented through scenarios. Prewise were responsible for an idea, scenarios, implementation and localization