Game “Challenge”

Utena A. and M. Miškinis Public Library staff noticed that many primary school students spend their time in the library and play games instead of attending the school. The library stuff and school teachers decided to accept the challenge and make a product, which will connect learning and gaming concepts and help students to return to school. The new educational activity met the expectations and now it is being implemented in many other cities municipal libraries and schools.

The essence of the game – to answer as many questions as you can in a single game with limited time and collect points. Questions are related to basic education program and points could be redeemed for real rewards. Students get special stickers and put them into special books. Those stickers are being converted into the real marks later.


Questions are presented in a playful and inclusive way. This game could be played in class or main league.

In 6 months, this game was played over 1000 times by students in the district of Utena. Students’ motivation to learn and attend the school has improved. Moreover, it was noticed that students were more likely to participate actively in the classroom or to perform additional tasks.

This activity has strengthened control over the students and helped them to maintain discipline.

According to the children, the game not only makes it easier to memorize facts, but also promotes collaboration. Students were used to consulting others for the answers, and to comparing their results to their friends’.

School attendance has increased, problematic children have become less hostile and their performance has improved.