Success comes faster with a reliable partner

Our electronic training solutions lead our customers to achieve the best possible results without leaving the office. Our success lies on long-term intercultural experience and professional team that suggests and implements the best solutions based on individual needs.

Sales promotion

Skills and competence development could be the best way to achieve increased sales. Various tools are being used, such as products and sales skills training, communication stock certification program.

Customer service

In order to establish close relationships with customers, it is important to train them on time and assist them after the transaction. Consumer satisfaction with the product can be ensured only when they are sufficiently informed. To achieve best results, the following tools are being used:  e. wizards, self-service projects, product demonstrations, etc.

Change management

Organizations are focused on operational excellence, improving competitiveness. This drives the modernization of existing processes, mergers with other organizations and developing new partnerships. Such changes often smooth implementation of the use of external suppliers of aid. Prewise facilitates change and communication among workers.


E-learning makes it easier and faster to transmit the necessary information to employees and customers. Those trainings can be applied to staff motivation, mobilization, customer skills.

Competence development

Personnel competence development with variety of teaching tools could be very effective. E-learning helps to effectively adapt new employees, encouraging their involvement. In this field many techniques are being used:  introductory reference products, internal procedures (rules), safety, customer service and other training.