Science Museum Halls

Nowadays, museum visitors notice that museums are becoming more and more innovative. Innovations are the main way to face the XXI century challenge and become friendly and interesting for visitors. Prewise participated in a conference about the newest informational technologies.

Most of the museums have information terminals, introducing more educational games.
Tangible heritage displays, better absorption of new information used in one of the other attractive technology. Some of them are still unused, but – already museum thresholds will be channeled in the not too distant future. The conference, “the newest information technologies in museum activities” discussed modern solutions and future uses of technology and capabilities.


At present, the vast majority of museums have information terminals, introducing more and more educational games. Apple spokesman Lithuania Sigitas Liaučius introduced the use of mobile devices and the integration of school and museum activities. S. Liaučius think people have to decide for themselves how they want to learn and to choose the most attractive instruments. He made the iBook program model, which establishes the attractive design books, accommodating not only text but also multimedia elements.


The Tuskulenai Memorial Complex offers an interactive game, which takes the user into Soviet times. The user chooses his character, makes decisions and in the end of the game receives a response which announces if user’s attitude is favorable to the Soviet regime, or he goes to prison.


The educologist of Lithuanian Sea Museum Renata Treigienė said that is important to pay great attention to the teenagers.  It’s the audience that needs to be monitored and followed up for it as they’re tomorrow’s visitors. The Lithuanian Sea Museum is famous for not only the largest number of visitors, but also for the latest computer technologies.

  1. Rimkus spoke about the museum’s image and its transformation. Modern museum is not exhibits storage anymore. It’s a place where experts of the field, the storage of knowledge and exhibits and a place where experts come together with a mission to improve the knowledge and educate the public. Modern information technology had an impact on the perception changes, so the museum and who wants to survive the twenty-first century. Should be particularly taken into account.