“Prewise” useful e-learning practice scatter

This September, Prewise organized a seminar, which took place in Vilnius, in the Embassy of Finland. The main aim of this seminar was to share good practices in the e-learning market. Our guests spoke about their experiences and the participants were encouraged to discuss. The seminar was also attended by representatives of the Lithuanian company.


MPS Prewise Managing Director Iiro Pohjanoksa discussed these days corporate communication features, as well as e-learning – one of the tools to improve communication – the importance and opportunities. Yvan Laurent, AIG (American International Group) training manager, presented the training of responsible departments, billed as The Academy, operation, concept, structure and functions of the company. The Academy helps to create an organizational culture, improve creative thinking skills, employees understand the company’s operating principles, objectives and their contribution to it, to make specific and tangible benefits of each training. He also talked about his many years of experience in the field of training.


Prewise branch Lithuania business development manager Mohamed Aragroug introduced to e-learning stages of development, based on Prewise created by Western Union e-learning best practices. This training is a multicultural audience, involving a large number of users and their positions, from just taken the climb Western Union employee career ladder and ending head. During this training was to ensure good learning outcomes, continuity of activities, even those at the end. In this case, it was an important technological compatibility and the corresponding solutions: training orders the company uses an updated version of Internet Explorer, thus requiring a video adaptation of not only computers but also tablets and. Delivery was introduced with the coming, a lot of experience in carrying challenges