Games have a place in the organization

Childhood is often associated with games. This is the time when we play games almost constantly. However, as adults we often hear: “Do not play!” Gamification solutions that are dynamic and adapted to the specific situation help to get involved in activities and effectively pursue the goals.  Futhermore, they help to experience positive emotions.
Company OVC invited customers and partners to the third OVC PRO event called “PROtotype”, which organization dedicated to playful solutions.


Technological OVC Consulting partner Prewise presented the prototype of “Competence and talent management”. Often organizations seen examples where the employee works if not in place. Proper inclinations and talents of perception, improvement slightly different area, can be very useful – to increase the productivity and value of the employee to provide motivation. In other words, it is important to learn how to best utilize their skills. E-learning – a great tool to help evaluate existing competencies to acquire and develop the necessary, as well as a social space where you can learn to communicate.