Games for Canada

Educational games can not only deepen students’ knowledge, but also to develop citizenship, immigration and multiculturalism issues. Along with the Canadian company “Webdrive”, two interactive educational games were created: the Canadian voting system and the Confederation of Canadian history.


Educational game “Race to the Voting Box”

The essence of labyrinth-type educational game is within a specified period of time (9 minutes), to find a labyrinth of hidden items required for voting in elections. The player is being introduced to training about things that they will have to find in the maze. If a player, falls into a pit while searching for items,  the GPS receiver, which helps focus the maze, turns off. To switch the receiver back on, the player must correctly answer the questions submitted in relation to the Canadian voting system. Once they answer correctly, they can play on. After finding all the items, the player has to rush to the polling stations, as long as they are still open before the game over time.