About us

With a reliable partner success comes faster

Solutions for education are our craft and passion. Our aim is to provide solutions that enable people to love learning, to become customers’ first choice for electronic education solutions.

UAB Prewise is specializing in programming solutions, interactive content and electronic education creation. We help our customers to fulfill their ideas and create high quality products. We are located in Vilnius and have been operating since 2004. We belong to the international Prewise group. Helsinki-based Prewise headquarters are responsible for developing its business in Northern Europe. UAB Prewise in Vilnius and Prewise Thailand in Bangkok are responsible for business development in the local markets.

Our specialization

Personalized e-learning development
E-learning management systems and
e-learning development tools installation
Electronic tools for children
education development
Gamification solutions in education
Informational systems, programming, development

Prewise services cover the entire process: starting with generating ideas and advising, to the presentation of final training results. Many years of experience in the field of e-learning allows us to offer the best solutions for both organizations and public sector entities, educational institutions.


Innovation enthusiasts

We constantly improve our competencies, participate in various conferences. We also share our knowledge and best practices with our local and foreign colleagues (the Finnish Embassy hosted a Prewise-organized conference in 2014 autumn).